Military Services

Cleanpression proudly specializes in dry cleaning military uniforms. The service requires attention to detail and a highly trained staff. Military jackets and overcoats are heavy so they require deep cleaning through gentle cycles and high steam presses. The shirts require proper military sleeve creases.

Our staff takes several steps in caring for your military uniforms:

1. We review the material by checking manufacturer's label.

2. If there are no labels, then refer to similar garment or online uniform references.

3. Use protein stain removers to remove stains first. Then, tanning stain removers.

4. Use extra caution during pre-spotting and post-spotting procedures to avoid permanent damage to fabric.

5. Wet clean uniform only if the care tag allows and if it is acceptable in accordance with the military guidelines.

6. Overcoats or rain coats should not be cleaned on a daily basis considering cleaning process can break down fabric.


Military uniform cleaning 

Boot shine and strip/ shine 

Military uniform ribbon set up 

OCP sewing and cleaning

OCP top and bottom for purchase 

Beret shaving and shaping 

Shaped and shaved berets for purchase  

Insignia, ribbons, patches for purchase

and more!